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If you are looking for highly qualified locksmiths to help you with any situation you reached the right place!.

Our locksmith are highly qualified and licensed in any problem you might face,

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Our locksmith are located in strategical placement all over the Granville, to make sure that we are always available at a heart beat.

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Sufferd a recent break in ?

Many Of Sydney’s citizens fall victims to robbers, in fact according to government statistics over 2000 Cases of robbery have been recorded in the year 2018.

They have stated that on a day to day bases 72 people suffer a robbery every day.

If you have lately become one of the statistics, We have a few tips for you.

tip #1

Make sure to change all your locks, if a bulgier chose your house to target it is probably because he knew he had a decent chance to break in.

Thieves usually target houses with low security or old security systems. In this case it would be better to change all the locks  that the person who broke in might have keys for and if you have old security be sure to update any lock that is over 5 years old.

tip #2

explore your house looking for weak points that might be targeted. In addition try breaking into your house. If you are able to break into your house probably a professional thief will know how to as well. 

If you find any  weak point consult with a locksmith to understand how reinforce security.

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