Car Unlock Service

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith In Sydney

Car Unlock Service – Emergency Locksmith

Car Unlock – Are your keys locked inside the car?

No worries! We’ll help you!


Car Unlock

Our 3 Main Services

  • Emergency Car Unlock Service
  • Residential Locksmith Service
  • Commercial Locksmith Service

Emergency Car Unlock Service

We have a team of locksmiths driving 40 km from Sydney’s CBD in all directions.

To the north we can help until Dee Why.

To the south we help until the Little Bay area.

From Toongabbie to North Bondi we can help.

And all areas in between.

How it Works

When you call us, we will need to get 3 pieces of information from you:

  1. Current address
  2. Your name
  3. The best phone number* to reach you at

If your phone is also locked in the car, you will have to see if you can borrow someone else’s.*

Our past clients have borrowed the phone of a nearby pharmacist, barber and pizza shop.

You will need to borrow the phone for about 10 minutes.

Firstly, so you can make the call.

And secondly, so one of our locksmiths can call you back on that line to confirm he is still needed.

When he calls you back he will confirm your location and his estimated time of arrival.

Fast Dependable Service

We always try to reach all of our clients within 15 to 30 minutes after our phone call to them.

Our locksmith will have all of the necessary equipment in his vehicle with him.

From your common commuter car right up through to semi trucks, our locksmith can open it up.

We cannot open buses or motorcycles, those are very specialized vehicles.

We suggest going back to the dealership for those.

Each make and model is different and so require different tools to open them up.

It is for this reason that our locksmiths will have to come and see

before we can give you a quote as to the amount it will cost.

We accept cash or credit card for payment after the work is done.




Its $45 for the call out fee , and then for us to do the job it start from 45 and goes up depending the mechanism and tools needed.

he most important information you will need to pride is the following :

– The best phone number to reach you at that time.

– Your exact address

– What is the problem you are facing

* In case of an automotive request make sure to provide the make model and year of the car.

Monday – 24 hours

Tuesday – 24 hours

Wednesday – 24 hours

Thursday – 24 hours

Friday – 12AM – 3PM

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – 24 hours

The Locksmith will usually arrive between 20-30 min.

We are a mobile service located all over Sydney.

we accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit – master card or visa.
  • bank transfer
  • Cash
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