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24 Hour Mobile Locksmith In Sydney

Car Locksmith – 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Sydney

Car Locksmith – Did you just finish shopping, only to realize you’ve somehow locked the keys in the car?

No worries, we will help you!

Call (02) 8417-2197 Now

We have our locksmiths coming out of Sydney CBD and we cover most of the surrounding suburbs located within a 40 mile radius.

All of our locksmiths are licensed and have many years experience in their field.

Locksmith Sydney can open almost all of the cars on the roads today, from your common family car up to semi’s.

Other car Locksmith Services Include:

  • New car keys made
  • Transponder keys
  • Broken key extraction
  • Ignition repair/replacement

In all of the above services, one of our locksmiths will call you back with the exact quote for your specific vehicle.

Fast Response Time

When you call us, we will need 2 pieces of information from you in order to send a locksmith to you quickly.

First of all, you need to find out the exact address where your car’s location.

If you’re not sure where you are, ask a person working in a nearby cafe or store.

This is very important, since if we have the wrong address, this cripples us all.

20-30 Minutes

The second, also equally important piece of information we need from you is a phone number.

Not the phone that is locked in the car, no we need a phone number that the locksmith can reach you at when he is on his way.

If your phone is indeed in your car, you will have to ask to borrow someone else’s phone for 15 minutes or so, so our locksmith will be able to confirm with you as he is on his way.

Before this phone dies, make sure to call our office to give us another phone number so that if our locksmith hasn’t reached you yet, he will have another number to call.

24-Hour Service Daily

We pride ourselves in professional and prompt service so you can get on with your day.




Its $45 for the call out fee , and then for us to do the job it start from 45 and goes up depending the mechanism and tools needed.

he most important information you will need to pride is the following :

– The best phone number to reach you at that time.

– Your exact address

– What is the problem you are facing

* In case of an automotive request make sure to provide the make model and year of the car.

Monday – 24 hours

Tuesday – 24 hours

Wednesday – 24 hours

Thursday – 24 hours

Friday – 12AM – 3PM

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – 24 hours

The Locksmith will usually arrive between 20-30 min.

We are a mobile service located all over Sydney.

we accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit – master card or visa.
  • bank transfer
  • Cash
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